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Below is a list of scripts to automate programs, repair and optimize the system.


Note: Scripts that automate third party apps may be outdated and don't work properly for the current version of the associated third party application. Please report outdated scripts using our contact page.

In order to execute these scripts you need to download the latest UVK version and install it without unchecking the Associate with .uvk files checkbox.

Once you've done it, download the desired script and double-click it. UVK will load the script in the Run Script section, select the desired extra options, then click Run/Fix listed and confirm the script's execution.


Repair Windows installer and the temp directory.
This script fixes most of installation problems. Repairs Windows installer service and access to temporary folder.

Repair AppData (Application data environment variable and paths)
Sometimes installation and runtime errors occur because %Appdata% can't be found. This script fixes these issues.

Clean, defrag and shutdown:
This script cleans temporary files, defragments hard drives and then shuts down the computer.

Increase system speed:
A script to considerably improve system performance and reduce boot and shutdown time.

Rebuild icon cache.
A small script to correct the problem when the icons are displayed incorrectly or not updating.

Repair Windows Sidebar and Reset Internet Settings.
This script is intended to fix issues related to Windows sidebar. It fully resets Windows sidebar and internet settings to their defaults. Just like if you had created a new user.

Uninstall UVK
Use this simple script to quickly uninstall UVK after using it.

Malwarebytes AntiMalware - Download, install and scan
This script will download, install Malwarebytes AntiMalware and perform a threat scan.

Super AntiSpyware - Download, install and scan
This script will download, install Super AntiSpyware and perform a scan.

HitmanPro - Download and scan
This script will download HitmanPro and perform a scan.

TDSSKiller - Download and scan
This script will download TDSSKiller and perform a scan.

CCleaner- Download and scan
This script will download CCleaner and perform a scan.

Google Chrome cleanup tool
This script will launch Google Chrome and go to the Cleanup tool.

Unchecky - Download and install
This script will download and install the Unchecky utility.


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