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UVK Script - Repair Windows Sidebar

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Repair Windows Sidebar and Reset Internet Settings.

This script is intended to fix issues related to Windows sidebar. It fully resets Windows sidebar and internet settings to their defaults. Just like if you had created a new user.

If you can't start Windows sidebar or your gadgets aren't displaying properly, then this is the right script for you.


Unregister and re-register Windows sidebar dll's: sbdrop.dll and wlsrvc.dll.
Register other dll's: atl.dll, scrrun.dll, jscript.dll, msxml3.dll and vbscript.dll.
Delete Windows sidebar Aplication data folder.
Set Windows sidebar to start with windows.
Delete Windows sidebar Current user's registry keys.
Reset user Internet settings to their defaults.

Please don't touch anything while the script runs.

Note that this script includes commands only available after UVK version 1.4. Please ensure you're running the latest version before downloading the script.


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