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S.O.S. Security Suite is a free, user friendly application that helps you to get rid of Malware, Adware and Spyware, and also prevent from being infected. There is also a hardware and security flaws detection element and a system optimization module. All these features together bring you what the application's initials stand for: A Safer and Optimal System.

The interface is pretty straightforward, but you should still visit our help pages to learn how the application fully works. Also, please read the Overview section below for a deeper insight. 

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S.O.S. Security Suite is totally free. No ads, no bundleware, and obviously, no spyware. We just want to be part of the people who put efforts to make using a computer and browsing the internet safer. Our goal is to make the Internet a better place. So, enjoy this free app and, if you want to thank us for helping you in any way you can always donate.

This application is the successor of Ultra Adware Killer. While we plan to keep updating Ultra Adware Killer for a while yet, users may want to migrate to this new, improved tool.



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Based on the well known UVK tech, S.O.S. Security Suite contains everything most users need to keep their computer safe and running smoothly.

S.O.S. Security Suite is not an antivirus application in the sense it does not provide real time analysis of running application and Internet traffic. It should be used as a complement to your current antivirus and a second opinion malware scanner, to improve the protection of your data through methods not provided by regular security applications.

In addition to the threat prevention and removal, S.O.S. Security also includes:

  • A system flaw detection module that tells you about software and hardware related issues and helps you to fix them.
  • A system optimization, maintenance and repair module that lets you esily ensure the best privacy, performance and reliabillity of your system.

S.O.S. Security Suite ican be used as a portable tool or an installed application. Portable tool is great if you plan to use the threat scanner and the optimization modules in many computers. Otherwise, if you plan to use the System Immunization or Execute Prevent modules, you should install the app. Once installed, you can uninstall S.O.S. Security from the Settings tab, or as any other application, from the Windows Settings App.

The protection provided by S.O;S; Security does not use any system resources, except when it is performing the threat scan, which usually only takes a minute or two. System immunization and Execute prevent work by preventing threats from being executed rather than blocking them when they are being executed.

However, preventing malicious applications from being executed may also prevent genuine applications from executing, if they use the same methods as the malicious ones. But S.O.S. Security also provides you with methods to easily whitelist good applications and quickly disable the System Immunization to let genuine prograls install properly.

This is why you should read carefully our help pages before using this software. They will help you to fully understand how the application works and take the best out of it.


Change log 

Version (2021-08-22):

Fixed some false positives in the file objects' scan.

Bug fixes and definition updates.

Version (2021-07-03):

Scan logs now also shows MS Edge's version and Windows build number

Bug fixes and definition updates.

Version (2021-05-21):

Fixed bug: the threat scan gort stuck when updating the definitions.

Other bug fixes and definition updates.

Version (2021-05-21):

Added a Custom Scan option to the threat scanner.

Fixed a large number of false positives in the new malware signatures database.

Bug fixes and definition updates.

Version (2021-05-15):

Bug fixing release.

Version (2021-05-14):

Improved the threat scan with more locations and better performace.

Improved the malware definitions database

Bug fixes and definition updates.

Version (2021-05-09):

The threat scan now scans more locations.

Bug fixes and definition updates.

Version (2021-04-21):

Bug fixes and definition updates.

Version (2021-04-21):

Bug fixes and definition updates.

Version (2021-04-06):

Added support for the Waterfox browser.

Bug fixes and definition updates.

Version (2021-03-17):

Bug fixes and definition updates.

Version (2021-01-14):

Bug fixes and definition updates.


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