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This page lists the most important changes and new features in each UVK update since the version 5.7 until version 6.7.


UVK 6.7:

v6.7.0.0 Release date: 09/09/2014 

General debugging.

Fixed: UVK was showing resizing cursors in the main window borders even if the window wasn't resizeable. 

Fixed: The smart uninstaller ocasionally crashed before or after uninstalling the selected programs. Bug reported in the forum. 

Fixed reported bug: When resuming a System repair operation after reboot, UVK selected all the third party apps that had been saved with the "Checked by default" flag, regardless of whether they were selected at execution time or not.

Some improvements to the System immunization feature.

The menu items, in the context menu of all the lists/trees are now disabled if they do not perform a valid action, depending on the current list/tree selection.

Great enhancement of the System repair section and the custom third party apps. See below.

Added a new group to the Fixes/apps list: Top app and fixes. You can add the fixes and apps you wish to this group, and move them up and down. This allows you to set up the order in which the fixes/apps are executed. The items in this group are executed in first place, and can be exported to/imported from System repair settings files.

Custom third party apps have new features, fully compatible with existing uvksr files:

If the downloaded file is a zip file, extract it to a same named folder: If this option is checked, and the app downloads a zip file, UVK will automatically unzip it to a folder with the same name as the zip file (without the .zip extension). Useful to download and execute programs that are downloaded as zip files, such as Autoruns, from SysInternals.

Download only if the files in the commands 2, 3 and 4 don't exist: If this option is checked, UVK will only download the app if the files corresponding to the commands 2, 3 and 4 do not already exist. Useful if you want to skip the download if a program is already installed.

Run only if the files in the commands 2, 3 and 4 don't exist: If this option is checked, UVK will only run the first command if the files corresponding to the commands 2, 3 and 4 do not already exist. Useful if you want to skip the installation of a program if it is already installed.

Wait for all child processes to close before moving to the next command: If this option is checked, UVK will monitor not only the command's process, but also any processes started by the command itself. By default, UVK only waits for the command's process to end before moving to the next command. This feature applies to all four commands. Use it if your app is ending prematurely because the main process ends before the job is completely done.

Added more items to the list's context menu: Move up, Move down, Add to top apps and fixes, Remove from top apps and fixes, Edit hilighted app, Delete hilighted app and Save settings as...

Custom third party apps can be moved up and down direclty from the UVK's main window's interface, by clicking the Move up and Move down menu items, or pressing Ctrl+U or Ctrl+D, respectively. This can also be done for the Top apps and fixes items.

Third party apps are now edited in the same inerface as they are created, and the third party app's name can be edited to (feature requested).

The Edit third party apps button was repalced with the List menu button, which displays the list's context menu. Useful for touch screen pc's or if the mouse is not working, or no mouse.

The Export settings button was renamed Save settings. The behavior of this button was slightly changed: If a uvksr file is already loaded, the settings will be automatically saved to the loaded file. If you wish to save to a different file, use the Save settings as... context menu item.

Added support for 6 more custom commands in UVK scripts: <MBAMScan>, <SASScan>, <TDSSKillerScan>, <AswMBRScan>, <AdwCleanerScan> and <AvastBCScan>. Each of these commands execute the corresponding built in third party app just like in the System repair section. To perform a Super AntiSpyware scan, specify 1 after the <SASScan> keyword. i.e. <SASScan>1. To make AswMBR automatically download and use the latest Avast! virus definitions, specify 1 after the <AswMBRScan> keyword. i.e. <AswMBRScan>1. Feature requested in the forum.

Added bult in support to unzip files through UVK scripts by using a new custom command: <UnzipFile>. Enter the <UnzipFile> keyword, and then specify the file(s) to unzip in the lines below, using the following format: Zip file path | Folder to unzip to. Example:

%ThirdParty%\ZipFileName.zip | %ThirdParty%\FolderName

The Kill processes using filters dialog box is now automatically closed after killing the processes.

New System info features: Now UVK tries to get computer, bios, motherboard and memory info directly from the SMBIOS tables before trying with the WMI. This should give more reliable information. Now UVK also displays information about empty memory slots. This can be useful to determine the best way to increase the physical memory of a pc.

Some bug fixes in the graphical interface.when using custom DPI settings.

New feature: Users can cancel the execution of third party apps while they are running. Even though this will not terminate the current process of the running app, no further processes will be started.

New feature: The Install/Update Flash fix also repairs the Flash player activeX for Windows 8/8.1 if it is not working. 

Other bug fixes.


UVK 6.6:

v6.6.2.0 Release date: 09/08/2014 

General debugging.

The UVK setup installer only displays the license agreement dialog box once.

Fixed some bugs in the adwCleaner scan, in the System repair section.

Updated the Super AntiSpyware automation for the new SAS version 6.

Added optical drive and physical monitor screen size info to the System info section, as requested in the forum.

New feature: The Kill all processes fix can be configured to ignore the process names you define. The custom ignore list can be configured by clicking Kill all processes, in the Process manager, or by running the Kill all non system processes fix without checking Use unattended mode. Once the list is saved, the listed processes will be ignored (not killed) even if Use unattended mode is checked.

New System repair feature: If UVK is closed by one of the third party apps (i.e adwCleaner) or the pc is rebooted before all the selected fixes/apps are executed, the repair operation will be resumed the next time the same user logs on (usually after reboot).

New command line switch available:

uvk_en.exe -ImportSr "uvksrfile" -Auto

As you may have already guessed, this switch loads a uvksr file, and optionally runs it silently. "uvksrfile" specifies the full path of the uvksr file, -Auto is optional and sets the silent mode. Example:

uvk_en.exe -ImportSr "%InstallSourceDir%\SR settings.uvksr" -Auto

  Updated the Command line info, in the Options section to include the new command line above.

  New feature: If UVK has actions scheduled to be executed on reboot, it will advise the user not to uninstall the application before rebooting at least once. 


v6.6.1.0 Release date: 20/07/2014 

General debugging. This is mostly a bug fixing release. The most important bugs fixed are listed below.

Fixed bug: The Go to error location context menu item, in the System booster list was not working properly for Invalid shortcuts and Junk files.

Removed flicker in some of the lists.

Updated the System immunization's recommended areas to be only the ones that don't prevent Windows updates from installing.


v6.6.0.0 Release date: 16/07/2014 

General debugging. 

Added a Use links in the html file checkbox in the System info section. This allows you to set up whether the the html file should contain google search links. These links help you to quckly google some important items in the log.

Some improvements in the graphical interface.

New section: Registry seeker. This new feature allows to search the registry for several text strings at once. Several options are supoorted, such as wild cards, whole string only and case sentitive. The scan can be performed in the whole registry, or in a specific key. All subkeys are scanned. Several search strings can be entered, one per line. The matches for each string are displayed in a different group.You will be able to delete, get info, edit, etc, the matched entries found. Examples of search strings:

Delta search
Ask toolbar

Wild cards are supported, if the option is selected:


Note: Use this feature at your own risk. This feature should only be used by users with full knowlege of how the windows registry works. It allows to find and delete great amounts of registry keys and values which, if not used with care can cause severe damage to the operating system.

Great enhancement of the Reporting feature. The controls are now displayed in the main UVK window, with a much cleaner interface. The zip file containing the reports is created much faster and many bugs were fixed.

Fixed: The System immunization was preventing some windows updates from installing, if some of the areas were immunized. You will need to un-immunize all areas and immunize again for the changes to take effect.

Added a new environment variable: %InstallSourceDir%. This new variable can be used when creating third party apps or UVK scripts, to specify the path where UVK was installed from. This can be useful, for instance if you launch UVKPortable from a USB stick, and you want to create third party apps that run other tools in the USB stick. Feature requested in the forum.

New feature: The Autorun manager also displays and allows to change the Internet explorer search page.

New feature: The Autorun manager also shows AppInit_DLLS.

Improved the System info section. Now it displays lots of new info, such as the security software and Windows updates installed, and creates a more comprehensive html log. Feature requested in the forum.

Fixed: The Softpedia downloads from UVK scripts and third party apps were no longer working because of a change in the Softpedia's website.

New feature: The Smart uninstaller also removes the Windows installer information for the selected programs, in Force uninstall mode.

Improved the Fix and enable Windows update fix.

Added a new info section to the new System info features: Automatic updates settings.

The Jump to registry key feature now also selects the requested value, if any.

Updated the avast! aswMBR automation for the latest version of the program, which supports automation.




UVK 6.5:

v6.5.1.3 Release date: 25/06/2014 

General debugging.

Fixed reported bug. Thanks krynn72 and zbmowrey.

Added requested feature. Thanks Bill.

Fixed reported bug. Thanks zbmowrey.


v6.5.1.0 Release date: 14/06/2014

  Added new automation function: ->WinSend.

  Updated the Log analyzer's Automation menu and the Control info tool to insert the ->WinSend function.


v6.5.0.0 Release date: 11/06/2014

  General debugging and optimization.

  New feature: Reporting. This new feature allows licensed users to send the application reports either to their email address, FTP server, or both. Check out the tooltips when hovering the controls for tips on how to use this feature or visit its online help page.

Email reports are sent from our server (this server) to the same emaill address validated when users purchase a license.

FTP connection credentials are encrypted using a 256 bit key before they are saved/exported. To automatically copy the same credentials to another computer, just place the exported ini file in the same folder where you have your UVK installation package (UVKSetup or UVKPortable).

This new feature can be accessed from the Welcome screen, clicking the Reporting button, at the top of the window.

  When launched from the portable packages, UVK will not display the uninstall prompt if there are any actions scheduled to be executed on reboot.

  When uninstalling UVK, it will automatically detect if there are any actions scheduled to be executed on reboot, and, if so, notify you.

  New feature: Now UVK completely impersonates the currently logged on user, even if it is a standard (restricted) user, while keeping all the administrator privileges.

In previous versions, when UVK was launched from a restricted account, UVK used the environment of the administrator user the elevation impersonates. This means that user related fixes were applied to the administrator user instead of the user belonging to the current session.

Some of the affected fixes are: Reset Chrome, Reset Firefox, Reset user default settings, Reset user shell folders, Fix Windows sidebar, Fix desktop icons and context menu, Fix Internet Explorer 10 history, Fix browser shortcuts and Unhide user files and folders.

Now, all these fixes are correctly applied to the current user profile.

 New feature: The Smart uninstaller shows uninstall entries for all users.

  Added a new column to the Smart uninstaller's programs list: Install date. This allows you to quickly sort the programs by installation date, when in report view.

  New feature: The System info section also shows the default Windows product key.

  New feature: UVK scripts can have AutoIt or VBScript code embedded. Just enter the <AutoItScript> or <VBScript> keyword, and the corresponding script code in the lines below. Example:

MsgBox(0,'', 'This is an AutoIt script!')

Dim message
message = "This is s Visual basic script!"
MsgBox message, vbInformation

  Updated the Log analyzer to insert the new <AutoItScript> and <VBScript> keywords.

  Added support for two more environment variables, available in any UVK features:
%UVKExe% - The ful path of the UVK's executable.
%PublicDesktop% - The path of the public desktop folder (usually C:\Users\Public\Desktop).

  The Smart uninstaller's remnants scan is now deeper, and it scans all users.

  New fix: Fix the Windows store and Metro apps. This fix re-registers the Windows store and repairs the Metro apps. It is only for Windows 8 or higher. This fix may solve other issues not related to the Windows store itself, such Windows updates or Metro apps not working.

  New custom command: <FixWinStoreApps>. This new custom command runs the Fix the Windows store and Metro apps fix above from a UVK script.

  Updated the Log analyzer's insert menu with the custom command <FixWinStoreApps> above.


UVK 6.4:

v6.4.0.0 Release date: 21/05/2014

  General debugging and code optimization.

  Improved the ability to create special third party apps, in the System repair section, and fixed a few related bugs.

  Enhanced the System immunization feature. Now, immunizing the Main IE entries and the IE toolbars and search areas will prevent changing the Internet Explorer home pages and search providers either through registry access permissions, or the group policies, or both (where applicable). This should keep adware away from Internet explorer.

  The Autorun manager also shows Internet explorer's search providers. This allows you to quickly remove any unwanted search providers. When deleting the default search provider, you will be given the option to to set one of the remaining ones as the default.

  Updated the MBAM scan automation, in the System repair section.

  Updated the TDSSKiller scan automation, in the System repair section.

  Updated the aswMBR scan automation, in the System repair section.

  Improved the Reset user default settings fix. Now it doesn't change the Windows appearance anymore.

  RebootExec.exe was completely rewritten ic C++. This reduced the overal size of the application.

  The main application and the Log Analyzer were compiled using the latest AutoIt version.

  Added a new fix to the fixes/apps list, in the System repair section: Cleanup the registry. This fix cleans up the registry the same way the System booster does. All areas are scanned, except the Junk files and the System restore points. Invalid items found are automatically removed.

  Added a new fix to the fixes/apps list, in the System repair section: Cleanup junk files. This fix cleans up the junk files the same way the System booster does. Junk files found are automatically removed. The file extension pattern currently selected in the System booster is used to filter the junk files. To use a different pattern, users need to set it in the System booster section.

  Added two commands to support running the fixes above from a UVK script: <CleanupRegistry> and <CleanupJunkFiles>. The same rules above apply when running these commands.

  Updated the Log analyzer's insert menu with the two commands above.

  Added a new feature to the System booster: Auto schedule. This new feature allows to program the system booster to be executed at a specific schedule. You can choose to scan only invalid registry entries and shortcuts, only junk files, or both. You can also configure the date and time to start the schedule, and the days interval. Additionally, you can choose to execute the scheduled cleanup silently, or display the usual application interface.

Note: Because the System booster is not a free feature, the related features above are only available to registered users. If using the free version of the application, they are simply ignored.

 Enhanced the Smart uninstaller. It is now able to detect the program's install folder even if it is not provided in the registry.

  Improved the path parsing feature.

  The <IEStartPages> command can set the IE's default page either to Google or Yahoo.

To set to Google  use <IEStartPages> | Start page | Google
To set to Yahoo use <IEStartPages> | Start page | Yahoo

   Fixed a few GUI related bugs in the system repair section.

   Enhanced the application's GUI, especially the way progress and message dialogs are displayed and interact with each other.


UVK 6.3:

v6.3.1.0 Release date: 19/04/2014

  General debugging.

  Removed the Reset security with secedit fix. This fix was causing some severe issues on Windows versions prior to Windows 7.

Note: This was not a real UVK fix. It was a Microsoft fix. More info here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/313222

  Improved the Reset registry and file permissions fix. Users should use this fix instead of the Reset security with secedit fix, which has been removed.

  Updated the download urls for the third party builtin apps, in the System repair section.

v6.3.0.0 Release date: 16/04/2014

  General debugging.

  Added a new feature to the Process manager: Window catcher.

This new feature helps you to identify a window's process. Just click the Window catcher to pick it up, and drag it to the desired window. The corresponding process will be automatically selected in the list. Additionally, the selected window will be framed with a red line, and information about the process path and ID will be displayed in a semi-transparent banner over the window's title.

Once the corresponding process is selected, you can use the other Process manager features to kill the process, delete its executable file, get the VirusTotal report, etc.

This feature was created mainly to easily identify and delete rogue malware, but it can also be useful for other tasks that need window - process mapping, such as identifying other malware processes through their windows. 

  Enhanced the System booster. Now the scan also includes Invalid autorun entries (including scheduled tasks), and Invalid services. The icons in the system errors list are now more atractive.

  Enhanced the Log analyzer's Control info tool.

  New feature: Dropping a UVK script or a System repair settings (.uvksr) file over UVKPortable.exe or UVKPortable.com will make UVK load the corresponding script automatically. This allows to easily launch UVK portable and load the script simultaneously.

  New feature: If UVK is launched from UVKPortable.exe or UVKPortable.com, the auto-update feature will also update the portable package it's been launched from.

  Added a Check All/None check box to the Restore previously deleted autorun entries tab, of the Create/restore autorun entry feature in the Autorun manager section. This allows to easily select all the backups, in case you have many.

  Enhanced the Smart uninstaller remnants scan. Now the scan also includes Invalid autorun entries (including scheduled tasks). Additionally, each uninstalled entry in the list now has the same icon as the program being uninstalled.


UVK 6.2:

v6.2.0.0 Release date: 30/03/2014

  General internal debugging.

  Fixed bug: The Reset Firefox fix was deleting the builtin Firefox search engines.

  Fixed bug: The UVKSetup.com installer was not requiring administrator rights.

  The Fix Windows sidebar fix now also repairs the wheather and currency gadgets. Microsoft has recently released a security update which disables these gadgets making them display "Can not connect to service". Now the UVK fix will repair them.

  Added new fix: Clear Error report folders. With time, Windows can accumulate thousands of useless error reports. This fix will remove them all, to recover HDD space.

  Added an new custom command: <ClearErrorReports>, to run the fix above from a UVK script.

  Fixed bug: The AdwCleaner scan builtin app was only being monitored until the scan ends.

  Updated the MalwareBytes AntiMalware scan builtin app, in the system repair section to the latest MBAM version. We would really appreciate some feedback on this update. MBAM has changed a lot of things and this feature may need more work. Thanks in advance.

  Improved the file downloading feature.

  Updated the MalwareBytes AntiMalware scan and the AdwCleaner scan builtin apps, to download from a second source if the first download fails.

  Custom third party apps, in the System repair section and the <UpdateSoftware> command may now use a new website to download files from: Softpedia. You can use this new feature just like you use the Majorgeeks one, by specifying Softpedia as the link text, and the main software page at Softpedia.com as the download url.

  Other bug fixes


UVK 6.1:

v6.1.0.0 Release date: 14/03/2014

  General internal debugging.

  Improved the file drag and drop feature. Now you can drag and drop files to the multiline text boxes several times without the need to click the text box. Drag and drop was already available in previous versions, but users needed to click the text box after dropping a file, to clear the selection. Now the selection is automatically cleared. Hopefully this will increase productivity when cleaning up the Application data folders.

The multiline text boxes that support drag and drop are the ones in the following sections: Delete files and folders, Scan and create log, Run scripts and the Log analyzer.

  Fixed bug: The application can crash when scanning Invalid OpenWith entries in the System booster section.

  Fixed bug: Flash may stop working properly after running the Install/Update flash on Windows 8/8.1. Users that had this issue should run the Install/Update flash fix again to repair the flash player.

  Improved the Install Desktop gadgets on Win 8 app. It wasn't working properly because of some bugs in the 8GadgetPack.

  Improved the Fix Windows sidebar fix. Now it only deletes the third party installed gadgets if the user tells UVK to delete the current settings.

  Improved the way UVK monitors the third party builtin scans, in the System repair section. Now a Stop monitoring button is available, allowing the user to stop monitoring the third party process and step right to the next fix/app. This can be useful when the third party applications want to forcely reboot the computer before running all the selected fixes/apps.

  Updated the adwCleaner automation for the latest version of the tool.

  Updated the .NET Framework cleanup tool with the latest version.

  Improved the Reset group policies fix. Now it also fixes the issue when non-admin users can not login because the Group Policy Client service could not be started.


UVK 6.0:

v6.0.0.0 Release date: 27/01/2014 

  General internal debugging and improvement.

  Improved the Windows product key retrieval, in the System info section (wasn't working properly for Windows 8's product key).

  Autorun entries and services are now backed up before removal, allowing to restore them later.

To restore a deleted autorun entry, press Create / restore, in the Autorun manager section, and select the Restore previously deleted autorun entries tab.

To restore a deleted service, press Stop all / Restore, in the Service manager section, and select the Restore previously deleted services tab.

Restored services are immediatelly available and can be started from the Service manager.

  The uninstall process will now ask if you want to delete the backups created by the application.

  Improved the registry backup/restore feature. Now users can create as many registry backups as they wish. The Registry restore feature now displays all existing registry backups in a list, allowing to restore the selected one, and delete one or several registry backups.

  Added 2 new fixes, in the System repair section: Reset Chrome and Reset Chrome for all users. These new fiixes will reset Google Chrome's preferences and extensions for the current user, or all users respectively.

  Added a new custom command which allows to apply the fixes above from a UVK script: <ResetChrome>. Specifying -AllUsers as a parameter (<ResetChrome> -AllUsers) will apply the fix all users. Otherwise it will be applied for the current user only.

  Added 2 new fixes, in the System repair section: Reset Firefox and Reset Firefox for all users. These new fiixes will reset Mozilla Firefox's preferences and extensions for the current user, or all users respectively.

  Added a new custom command which allows to apply the fixes above from a UVK script: <ResetFirefox>. Specifying -AllUsers as a parameter (<ResetFirefox> -AllUsers) will apply the fix all users. Otherwise it will be applied for the current user only.

  Added a new fix, in the System repair section: Fix browser shortcuts. Some adware programs modify the browsers' desktop and start menu shortcuts, making them open specific pages when launched from those shortcuts. This fix will repair the IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera shortcuts for all users.

  Added a new custom command which allows to apply the fix above from a UVK script: <FixBrowserShortcuts>.

  Added a new custom command: <FixAppsNotResponding>. This command allows to apply the Fix Apps not responding too soon fix from a UVK script.

  Modified the behaviour of the Help buttons for the branding version. Now those buttons will link to the url defined when the branding license key is purchased instead of our help pages (requested).

  Now the branding license also brands the UVK scripts and UVKSR files' icons with a thumbnail of the branding logo (requested).

  Enhanced the Smart uninstaller: The forced uninstall feature now does not run the program's uninstaller. This option is now recommended to uninstall malware or adware. The uninstall remnants scan was also improved, performing a deeper scan. These two features combined together can effectively uninstall most of the applications without running their own uninstallers. The uninstall process monitoring can now be stopped.

  Enhanced the System booster. The invalid shortcuts scan is now performed for all users. The scans for other areas are deeper.

  Improved the Reset registry and file permissions fix.

  Improved the System repair section: Now the fixes/apps are automatically unchecked after being executed (requested).

  The lists can now be sorted in ascending and descending order.

  Enhanced the graphical interface, which includes

  • Two new skins, Cool waves and Water splash, with cool background pictures and transparent areas.
  • New icons and a new logo.
  • Faster drawing flicker free section switching.
  • The same enhancements were made to the UVK setup's graphical interface.

  Enhanced the Service manager. The Service properties dialog box now allows to stop, start and set the start type of the selected service. Other improvements and bug fixes in this section.

  Added a new item to the Toggle enable/disable combo box, in the IT/Geek tools section: Lock screen (Windows 8+). This new feature was requested, and allows to disable/enable the lock screen in Windows 8.

  The registry backups can now be named (requested).

  Now UVK automatically creates an exception rule in the Windows firewall.


UVK 5.9:

v5.9.1.0 Release date: 04/12/2013

  General internal debugging and improvement. Also fixed a few reported bugs. A big Thanks to the users that reported bugs in the UVK's forum or by mail. They have been a great help improving the program.

  Added the option to jump to the same process from the Process manager to the Memory modules manager and vice versa.

  Added the option to jump from a running service, in the Service manager, to the corresponding process in the Process manager. This will allow the user to quickly get info about the memory and CPU usage for the selected service, among other information.

  Added the option to jump from a service process, in the Process manager, to the corresponding list of services, in the Service manager. In this case, the Service manager will create a special list,containing only the services running in the specified process. This will be very useful to see which services each svchost.exe process is actually running.

  Added buttons with more options to the Process properties, Memory module properties, Autorun entry properties, Service properties and Uninstall entry properties dialog boxes.

  Added a new fix: Fix Apps not responding too soon. This fix will increase the time windows waits before marking the applications as "Not responding". This fix will be applied for all users. Logged on users will need to log off and on for the changes to take effect.

  Improved the Defrag and optimize, and the Optimize boot and shutdown fixes.


v5.9.0.0 Release date: 29/11/2013 

  General internal debugging and improvement.

  Enhanced the Scan and create log section. Now it allows to scan all users instead of only the current user.
Also added the option to include recent folders in the recent files scan.
The Show Microsoft files option was replaced with three new options: Hide system protected files, Hide all Microsoft files and Hide digitally signed files. The scan now also includes Internet explorer search providers.

  Updated the Run scripts section to be able to parse the new modes in the UVK log.

  Improved the graphical interface.

  Enhanced the User profile backup feature, in the IT/Geek tools section, by adding a Use update mode check box. When this option is selected, existing files in the destination folder will only be overwritten if the source file has been modified. This allows to quickly update an existing backup.

  Added a new builtin app to the fixes/apps list, in the System repair section: avast! Browser Cleanup. This new tool serves to delete pesky and unwanted toolbars and plug-ins from your browser(s).

  Enhanced the automation of the third party apps in the System repair section.

  Added a new fix: Install/Update Visual C++ runtime. This fix will install the following Visual C++ redistributable packages: VC++ 2005 SP1, VC++ 2008 SP1, VC++ 2010 SP1 and VC++ 2012. Also added a new custom command for the same effect: <InstallVC++>, and updated the Log analyzer with the new custom command.

  Improved the window response while performing the scans.

  Improved the section switching speed.

  Added the ability to delete and create restore points even if the system restore is disabled.

  Added the ability to check/uncheck items for removal while the scan is in progress, in the System booster and uninstall remnants scans.


UVK 5.8: 

v5.8.1.0 Release date: 20/10/2013 

  General internal debugging and improvement.

  Enhanced the System booster scan.

  Improved the treeview lists in the Memory modules manager, System booster and Uninstall remnants scan sections.

  Modified the Fixes/Apps list, in the System repair section. The last group was renamed Post repair actions, and includes the Delete all restore points (post repair) and Create restore point (post repair) fixes, also present in the first group. This allows to perform these actions either before and after the repair prodedure.

  Other bug fixes in the System repair section.


v5.8.0.0 Release date: 04/10/2013 

  General internal debugging and improvement (Fixed several important bugs).

  Enhanced the graphical interface. This includes a gradient background and a new skin: UVK 5.8.

  Added four more fixes:

  • Reset NumLock ON at logon: Set the NumLock state ON at Winlogon for all users.
  • Fix Internet Explorer 10 history: Only for IE 10. Some cleanup programs delete the IE's History folder, which, for Internet Explorer 10, makes it stop working. This fix will repair it.
  • Install Desktop gadgets on Win 8: This fix only works for Windows 8. It will download the 8GadgetPack from addgadgets.com and install it silently.
  • Clear Internet Explorer's history: This fix will clear the Internet Explorer's history for the current user. The IE's cookies and cache will not be affected.

  Added four custom commands to run the fixes above from a UVK script: <ResetNumLockOn>, <FixIE10History>, <InstallWin8Gadgets> and <ClearIEHistory>.

  Added a new super feature: Window automation through UVK scripts.

The scripts in the script collection were updated to the new automation feature. They will make nice examples for the users who will want to try the new feature.

The Custom commands help page was also updated with a complete description of the new functions.

  Great enhancement of the Log analyzer, including support for the new Window automation feature thruough the Control info tool.

  Improved the compatibitity with high contrast themes.

  Updated the install method: The shortcuts are now created for all users, and the settings are saved in the HKLM rootkey.

  Improved the scheduled tasks related features. Now UVK also displays Mail sending tasks and hidden tasks.

  Updated the TDSSKiller scan for the latest version.


UVK 5.7:

v5.7.2.0 Release date: 20/08/2013 

  General internal debugging and improvement (Fixed several important bugs).

  Added watermark icons to the Fixes and thirdparty apps list, int the System repair section, and to the System restore points list, in the Misc tools section. 

  Enhanced the Memory modules manager. The process and modules paths list is now sorted alphbetically.


v5.7.1.0 Release date: 10/08/2013 

  General internal debugging and improvement.

  Enhanced the Smart uninstaller's remants scan.

  Moved the System repair button in the Welcome screen to the place where the Options button was before.

  Moved the Options button to the top of the window, beside the About button.

  Created a new section: IT/Geek tools and tweaks. All the features previously present in the System repair section, except for the fixes list related features. were moved to this new section. Also added the following features:

  1. Backup user profiles: This new feature effectively creates backups of the user profiles you select. You can select a single user to backup, or All users. Incredible feature: You may continue to work with the application while the backup is in progress.
  2. Unlock a locked folder: This new feature grants access to the directory you specify. If you have a locked folder and you can't unlock it with the Windows Explorer (get access denied errors), then this feature may save your day.

  Great enhancement of the System repair section (again!). Since there is more room in the GUI now, the fixes list is bigger, and many new features were added. See below.

  Added two more fixes to the list: Backup the registry, in the Before repair actions group, and Fix executable file extensions, in the Fixes for common Windows problems group.

  Great news! The automatic  anti-malware scans are back! A new group was added to the fixes list for the effect: Third party scans. The application automates installing/updating the third party tools, and starting the scans, but not the threat removal process. For MBAM and SAS, you can choose whether to start quick or full scans. The default third party apps in this new group are:

  1. MalwareBytes AntiMalware scan: Install/Update* MalwareBytes AntiMalware and start a scan. Compatible with MBAM pro, if already installed and registered.
  2. Super AntiSpyware scan: Install/Update* Super AntiSpyware and start a quick or full scan. Compatible with SAS pro, if already installed.
  3. Kaspersky TDSSKiller scan: Download/Update** TDSSKiller and start a scan.
  4. Avast! aswMBR scan: Download/Update** aswMBR and start a scan.
  5. AdwCleaner scan: Download/Update** AdwCleaner and start a scan.

*MBAM and SAS will only be downloaded/installed if not already installed and up to date.
**The applications' executables/installers will only be downloaded if not already present in their locations and up to date.

  New feature in the System repair section: Custom third party apps. This new feature allows you to create your own third party apps, and add them to the fixes list. Each custom third party app is fully customizable and is able to:

  1. Download a program or update it. The download can be set to use three different methods: Direct download, get the download target from a Majorgeeks software page, or parse and get the target of a link in a web page, just like the <UpdateSoftware> custom command.
  2. Execute up to four commands, which you can use to install the downloaded program, update it, register it, start a scan, or just run whatever program you wish.
  3. Each command can be set to run depending on the Windows architecture. This can be useful for some applications that install executables for both 32 and 64 bits archs (i.e. CCleaner).
  4. You can use the new %ThirdParty% environment var in the download path and the commands, to simplify adding them.
    This environment var expands to the default third party applications path (%UVKDir%\Third party).

Note: The use of the builtin/custom third party apps is totally your responsability. We are not responsible for any data loss or dammage created by the third party apps.

  New feature in the System repair section: Export/import settings. This new feature allows you to save the current fixes selection, the custom third party apps, and the selected options in the lower pane to a file, and import them back later. The settings/apps are saved in a uvksr (System repair settings) file. This file type is associated with the application, meaning you can open these files with UVK by double-clicking them. UVK will automatically jump to the System repair section and load the settings from the file.

  New feature in the System repair section: Create professional report. This new feature can be very useful for IT professionals, as it will create a detailed html report of the actions taken in the system repair section. Users can choose the Client name that will be shown in the report, and the path where the report will be saved. Users that have a branding license will also be allowed to set the report title.

  Associated the UVK license key files with UVK. Activating a new license is now much easier. Users that have purchased UVK license can now open the license key file either with UVK, or with any of the installer packages, UVKSetup.exe, UVKPortable.exe or UVKPortable.com. The application will be automatically activated.

  Enhanced the process killing feature.

  Enhanced the file download feature.



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