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Frequently asked questions concerning the UVK license key



After paying for my license, how do I download it?

Normally, after paying for your license, PayPal automatically redirects you to a page that will provide you the links to download your license (and your logo, if you are purchasing the branding version). This page will also provide you your invoice, and instructions on how to install and use your UVK license.

Your license download link, invoice and installation instructions are also sent to your email address, in case you're not redirected by PayPal.

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Can I use the same license in more than one machine?

If you purchased the OEM license, then the answer is No, it only works in one machine.

Otherwise, Yes. Both the PRO and the Branding licenses can be used by the same user in more than one computer, as long as they are being used by the person or entity they were licensed to. Each license key is destined to a single user/company.

Computer tech should not leave their PRO or branding license in the customer's computer. The customer may decide to use the installed license key to create a pirated copy of the software. In such situation, we would be forced to blackilist that license and it would no longer work. f you need to leave your licenses installed in the customer's machines, consider purchasing a batch of technician OEM licenses.

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How do I use the license key in a second machine?

To install a PRO license in another computer, copy the key file (key.uvkey) to a USB stick, and move it to the second machine. Then, install UVK in the second machine, and open the license key file with UVK by double-clicking it.  

You can also install your license key in the second machine by clicking the About button in the Welcome screen and then the Install license button.

All UVK packages (UVKSetup.exe, UVKPortable.exe or UVKPortable.com), when launched, search for a license file (key.uvkey) in the same directory they were launched from. If the license file is there, then it is automatically installed. Additionally, the discalmer is not shown in this situation. If it is a Branding license, the setup GUI is also branded.

 This means you can copy a UVK package to the USB stick, along with your license key file, and install/run UVK in the second machine from that package. This way the product is automatically activated. INote: The license file name needs to be be key.uvkey and placed in the same folder as the UVK package you're using to install the product.

And that's it! The same license is working in both computers.

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I purchased the licence. Now how do I open it?

Important! Your UVK license is based in your key file (key.uvkey), not in a text string, as in some other applications. So, please don't open the license key file with notepad or any other program, to copy it's text. This will just break the license file association and will not help you to activate. Please download and install the application prior to trying to activate.

After purchasing your license, you will be provided with download links that will allow you to download your license key file (and your logo, for the branding license). Download your key (and logo) by clicking those links. If UVK is already installed, just open the downloaded key file directly from your browser or double-click it. This way, your license is automatically installed. Note that UVK needs to be already installed in your PC for this to work.

You can also install your license this way: Launch UVK, click the About button, in the welcome screen, and then the Install license button. Select your downloaded key file and press Open.

If you purchased a branding license and want to brand the UVK's install process, check here.

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My license key is not working. What do I do?

If you followed the instructions above, there is no reason why it shouldn't work. But if it does not work, please contact us use using this form.

If the license key does not work, and you're installing it by placing it in the same folder as the UVK package, maybe your browser has renamed it. Ensure the license file name is key.uvkey.

Also ensure that the UVK package (UVKSetup.exe, UVKPortable.exe or UVKPortable.com) you're using to install UVK is in the same folder as the license key file. Run the desired package. For UVKSetup.exe, perform a new installation.

We tried to make the activation process as simple as possible. The UVK packages automatically detect if a license key file is present in the same directory, and if it does, they automatically install the license key.

You can check if the product is activated by clicking the About button in the Welcome screen.

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I accidentally deleted my license key. Can I download it again?

Yes. You can easily recover your lost license key. Just go to this page and follow the instructions.

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After purchasing a branding license, can I change my logo later?

Normally, changing the logo is not possible because the encrypted data in your license key contains the MD5 hash of your logo.

This ensures your license can not be used with a different logo.

However, if you want to change the logo later, email us from the same email address you registered when you purchased the branding license key, and we will update it for you.

To prevent this overhead, try to choose a good logo when you purchase the branding license.

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I purchased a branding license, how do I brand the UVK's install process?

If you have purchased a branding license, and you wish to brand the install process, just copy the license key file (and your logo) to the same folder where UVKSetup.exe or UVKPortable.exe resides.

In this case the key file must not be renamed. Ensure it's name is key.uvkey. It will work for both UVK setup and portable packages.

Then, all you have to do is launch the UVK's install package as usual. If the package is UVKSetup.exe, the installation UI will be branded.

The disclamer will not be shown, and the license is automatically installed. This method also installs the PRO license.

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