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The UVK project aims to create an application that can help anyone to easily remove all types of malware from computers running in the Windows platform, and also repair the damages caused by malware to the system with just a  few clicks. We want to save you lots of time, and ruin the bad guys day.

All the malware removal and system repair features are free. All users are granted the right to use them as often as desired with absolutely no cost.

There are a few extras which require a license key that you can purchase here in the website, if you want not only to benefit from those extras, but also help to keep this project alive.

Some parts of the project were coded and compiled in the C++ programming language, while others were created using the AutoIt scripting language. These are curently being converted to C++, which can take a while, considering the size of the project.

The source code of the UVK project is not publicly available, but as soon as the project is fully converted to C++, we will provide a large part of the code available for download, including documentation. 


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