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This forum is intended to help the users to disinfect their computers.
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How to post

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I created this section as we have several registered users with experience with malware removal help in other well known forums.

To quickly get help to disinfect and repair your pc with UVK, follow the steps below:
  • Start a new topic and describe clearly the symptoms and behavior of your computer.

    Download UVK and install it with the default settings. This is very important as it will create a system restore point just before the installation. For more information, visit the following urls:

    Run UVK, go to the Scan and create log section, and create a UVK log with the default configuration.

    Don't post the contents of the log!!! It is usually too big to post. Instead add it as an attachment to your post. The log will be a text file located in your desktop, and named UVK - Ultra virus killer Log.

    Follow exactly the instructions of your helper.
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