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UVK can be completely branded with your logo and company name!

Users often want to preserve their company brand when on their customer sites but still use "expert" tools like UVK.
Now UVK can be fully branded to simulate an application created by your company.

Buy your UVK branding license now!

(Your Company Name) Repair Tool (3)


Your branding includes:

1: The application's logo, in all sections, will be replaced with your logo, which will also link to the web page URL you define.

2: All icons will be branded with a thumbnail of your logo. This includes the window's title bar icon, the desktop shortcut's icon, the uninstall entry's icon, and the context menu icons.

3: The window title, the desktop shortcut and the uninstall entry will be branded with your company name followed by "Repair Tool". Even the text mentioning UVK in the logs or in the restore points created by the application will be branded too!

The branding also includes the install and uninstall process. No disclamer is shown, and the UVKSetup window will be branded just like the UVK window. Also, pressing the help buttons in the branding version will optionally link to your website.

Click here for a LIVE PREVIEW and instructions.


How does it work?

Your branding is based in a keyfile (key.uvkey) and your logo file (logo.jpg, logo.png, logo.gif or logo.bmp). This key contains encrypted information about your logo and company details. This data is secure and encrypted.

After purchasing and downloading your key file and logo, you have three different easy ways to install your license:

1: If UVK is already installed, just open the downloaded key file directly from your browser or double-click it. This is the easiest way.

2: Launch UVK, click the About button, in the welcome screen, and then the Install license button. Browse and select your downloaded key file and press Open.

3: Copy the downloaded key file (and your logo) to the same folder where you have your UVK package, and run the package. The keyfile will work for all UVK packages: UVKSetup.exe, UVKPortable.exe and UVKPortable.com. This is the best method for techs working in their customer sites. The disclamer is not shown, and the install process is automatically branded.

That's it! UVK now displays your logo and your details! It will even download your logo should your logo file ever be missing, changed or damaged (internet connection required). The branding even includes the setup process.

Important note: The branding version does not display any disclamer. By using a branding key, including the sample keys below, you declare to have read and accept the terms of the UVK end user license agreement.


Can I see it in action?

Sure! Try these sample license keys below. Each key will display the corresponding picture to the right.



Download this key

Download this logo

UVK RGB logo

UVK Virus injection key

Download this key

Download this logo

UVK Virus infection logo

UVK ForbidenCV key

Download this key

Download this logo

UVK Forbiden CV logo


How do I get my own?

There are three easy steps.

1. Validate your email address.
2. Upload your logo and input your details.
3. Purchase the key ($50 USD) and then download your UVK keyfile and logo.

Click here to get started and purchase your key now!


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