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Overview of the Built in system repair tools group

Because many users asked us to merge all UVK features into Tech Tool Store, we recently added a new group to the list, named Built in system repair tools. This new group is displayed at the bottom of the list, and contains all the fixes that can be found in UVK's System repair list, except for those that already exist in the other Tech Tool Store groups.

Each item executes a UVK fix, and they can be executed in sequence, just like any regular tool. Obviously none of the tools in this group installs, so they can not be uninstalled.

Built in system repair tools

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How the built in system repair tools are organized

Some of the bilt in system repair tools are supposed to be executed before or after the others. That is why the tools' names always start with a number. Each number xorresponds to a sub groub as follows:

  1. Pre-repair actions

  2. Reset actions

  3. Most usual Windows fixes

  4. File system related fixes

  5. Privacy cleanup

  6. Maintenance actions

  7. System repair and optimization

  8. Post repair actions

Tech Tool Store still lets you move the tools around and order them as you want. You can also hide tools in this group, or move them to the Favorite tools group.

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