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A Clear Disk Info license enables automatic disk monitoring, so you can receive alerts in case a storage device's health degrades. The price is USD 20.00.

Note: This type of license will only work in one PC. To get started, just fill in the fields below.


*Please enter the number in the picture

If you choose to buy without verifying, you do not need to enter the number in the picture.

However, you must ensure to enter the correct email address, because the license will be sent to you by email.

License price: $20.00 USD.


How to get your hardware ID and activate a license

Get Clear Disk Info hardware ID

1. Launch Clear Disk Info, press the Menu button and then select About/Activation.

Clear Disk Info About/Activation dialog box

2. Press the Copy button as shown in the picture above, to copy the hardware ID's text to the clipboard.

3. Paste the copied text in the Hardware ID field above. If you're purchasing from a different device, you can manually enter the hardware ID into the corresponding field.

4. After purchasing and downloading your license, press the Install license button, and point Clear Disk Info to the location of the downloaded license file (usually it is downloaded to your Downloads folder). Your license is then activated and copied to the same folder where Clear Disk Info resides. You can also copy the license file manually, which will automatically activate the app.


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