new tool idea

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new tool idea

Post by FredJClaus »


This could be a tool, or a script to run through an RMM, or maybe both. I have been trying to keep track of all the internet connected devices on my home network, and it's very difficult at times. Arp only shows what this computer has communicated with. Advanced IP Scanner works great, but you have to run it manually each time. I would like something like Advanced IP Scanner that would allow me to schedule the run and have it send me a report via email. Additionally I would love the ability to run it remotely. Either using a script to tell the app to run silently or a script to do the same thing the app would do.

Does this make sense? Is it something that is easy to do Fred? I have a couple scripts that I have been playing with in Powershell, but they don't seem to be working.
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Re: new tool idea

Post by Fred »

Hi Fred. I'll do some research, and post back later.
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