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This page lists the most important changes and new features in each UVK update since version 7.9. 

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UVK 10.3:

v10.3.10.0 Release date: February 23 2017

  General debugging and optimization.

  New System repair fix: Fix Wifi takes long to connect. Sometimes, after booting up, Windows may take long to automatically connect to a saved Wifi network. This new fix repairs that issue.


v10.3.8.0 Release date: February 16 2017

  General debugging and optimization.

  New feature: Professional HTML reports created in the System Repair section can now be sent to RepairShopr. You just need to enter your RepairShopr sub-domain, API key and the ticket ID to associate with the report. These options are available when ticking the Create professional Report check box. There is an option to also send the System Info HTML report in the same request. The reports are automatically sent after the repair operation completes.

  Updated Ultra Adware Killer with the latest version of the module (5.6), which includes bug fixes, detection of IPv6 DNS hijacks, definition updates and the removal of many false positives from the database.


v10.3.6.0 Release date: February 06 2017

  General debugging and optimization.

  New feature: CloudSync can now be set to ask before uploding files.


v10.3.5.0 Release date: February 05 2017

  General debugging and optimization.

  New feature: Auto-Logon can also be set for domain users.

   New feature: Added a new fix to the System repair list: Clean up the WinSxS folder. This fix will free up HDD space by removing files from previous Windows versions and service packs. It may take long time to execute. Please note that, after that, you will no longer be able to downgrade to those previous Windows states.

  Updated Ultra Adware Killer to the latest version of the application (3.4), which includes improvements to the scan and bug fixes.

  Improved the VirusTotal related functions.


v10.3.4.0 Release date: January 30 2017

  General debugging and optimization.

  Added 3 new tools to the Enable and run well known tools list: Security policy editor, which opens the security management snap-in (secpol.msc), SFX creator (IExpress.exe), which launches the Windows SFX creation wizzard (iexpress.exe), and Windows Firewall, which opens the Windows firewall interface. 

  Added a new utility: Create SFX package.

This new feature allows you to create a self installing package containing UVK's required files, your license activation files, settings, scripts and any other files you may need.

You can also choose not to include Ultra Adware Killer's definitions database in your package. In this case, the database will be automatically downloaded on runtime, but an active Internet connection is required.

You can add any files and folders you want to the package, but remember it may largely increase the size of your archive.

This feature is only available to registered users and can be found in the Options section, Utilities tab.


v10.3.2.0 Release date: January 23 2017

  General debugging and optimization.


v10.3.1.0 Release date: January 18 2017

  General debugging and optimization.


v10.3.0.0 Release date: January 16 2017

  General debugging and optimization.

  New feature: Ultra Adware Killer also detects and removes all most common forms of malware, including but not limited to trojans, rogues, ransomware and rootkits.

  New feature: UVK can now automatically carry out up to 3 actions immediately after it is executed: Run a UVK script (.uvk), load a System Repair Settings (.uvksr) file, or run a specific command. This new feature can be found in the Options section, Auto script tab.

  New registry tweak: Enable defer windows upgrades. This new tweak sets a group policy that makes Windows defer feature upgrades. When you defer upgrades, new Windows features won’t be downloaded or installed for several months. Deferring upgrades doesn’t affect security updates. Note that deferring upgrades will prevent you from getting the latest Windows features as soon as they’re available. 


UVK 10.2:

v10.2.3.0 Release date: December 19 2016

  Updated Ultra Adware killer with the latest version of the tool.

  Compiled and signed all the executables with a dual algorithm (SHA-1 and SHA-256) signature.


v10.2.2.0 Release date: December 17 2016

  General debugging and optimization.

  Improved the functionality of the custom third party apps, in the System Repair section.

Each app has now two downloads. You can set it to perform the second download only if the first one fails, or to perform the first download on 32-bit systems, and the second on 64-bit systems, or you can set it to always perform both downloads. The download options are the same for both downloads.

Also improved the UI of the app creator. When creating apps, you have options to test each download and command individually. Making custom third party apps should be much easier now.


UVK 10.1:

v10.1.0.0 Release date: December 14 2016

  General debugging and optimization.

  New feature: Windows Store apps uninstaller. This new fucntionality can be found in the Smart Uninstaller section, by pressing the Windows Sore apps new button, which replaces the old Uninstall entry properties button, only in Windows 8 and higher.

This new feature is a simple uninstaller for Windows store apps. It displays the existing apps in a list, in which you can tick the ones you want to uninstall, and press the Uninstall checked button. You have a check box named Check usual/none which ticks the apps that are most usually uninstalled, or none, respectively. Just below, you have another check box named Show system apps, which defines whether the list should show all apps, or hide the most critical ones.

The Store apps uninstaller can remove system apps such as Cortana or Microsoft Edge. While this may be useful if you want to remove some of those apps, you should be careful not to remove important system apps, because you will not be able to easily re-install them. You should be careful when using this feature. 

  Added more tweaks to the Registry tweaks list, in the Tools and tweaks section: Disable Store apps auto-updates, Enable store apps access to admins, Disable service: Downloaded Maps Manager, Disable service: Delivery Optimization, Disable service: Windows Search and Disable and hide Cortana.


UVK 10.0:

v10.0.0.0 Release date: December 02 2016

  General debugging and optimization.

  New feature: The UVKPortable's uninstall prompt includes a new check box which allows to define whether to delete all application reports.

  New section: Backup and recovery. This new section provides a complete backup and recovery solution especially designed for computer technicians. The new section's help page can be found here.

You can backup user profiles with the option to select which user folders to copy, including the user settings (application data folders). You can also backup any additional folders you like.

Existing backups can be updated in place, which becomes much faster, bacause files up to date don't need to be copied again.

This new feature obviously allows you to restore a previous backup. You can choose which users to restore, which per-user folders to restore and which additional folders to restore.

Restoring also has an impressive feature: the ability to create exactly the same user accounts that existed when the backup was created, and then restore those users files. This is especially useful when reinstalling Windows, or migrating the OS to a bigger or SSD disk, as you will no longer need to worry about creating all the previously existing user accounts. The Backup and recovery feature does all the work for you.

The Backup and recovery section was built to be intuitive and easy to setup. Usually you only need a few seconds to configure a backup, and once it is created, it can be opened for restoring. Each backup is saved in its own directory, and the backup configuration is saved in a BackupInfo.uvkbk file, in the backup's folder. This file type is associated with UVK, so you can open these files by double-click.

  Improved the Quick User Manager section.

  Debugged and improved the Log analyzer.



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