Ultra Virus Killer Changelog

This page lists the most important changes and new features in each UVK update since version 7.9. 

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UVK 10.0:

v10.0.0.0 Release date: December 02 2016

  General debugging and optimization.

  New feature: The UVKPortable's uninstall prompt includes a new check box which allows to define whether to delete all application reports.

  New section: Backup and recovery. This new section provides a complete backup and recovery solution especially designed for computer technicians. The new section's help page can be found here.

You can backup user profiles with the option to select which user folders to copy, including the user settings (application data folders). You can also backup any additional folders you like.

Existing backups can be updated in place, which becomes much faster, bacause files up to date don't need to be copied again.

This new feature obviously allows you to restore a previous backup. You can choose which users to restore, which per-user folders to restore and which additional folders to restore.

Restoring also has an impressive feature: the ability to create exactly the same user accounts that existed when the backup was created, and then restore those users files. This is especially useful when reinstalling Windows, or migrating the OS to a bigger or SSD disk, as you will no longer need to worry about creating all the previously existing user accounts. The Backup and recovery feature does all the work for you.

The Backup and recovery section was built to be intuitive and easy to setup. Usually you only need a few seconds to configure a backup, and once it is created, it can be opened for restoring. Each backup is saved in its own directory, and the backup configuration is saved in a BackupInfo.uvkbk file, in the backup's folder. This file type is associated with UVK, so you can open these files by double-click.

  Improved the Quick User Manager section.

  Debugged and improved the Log analyzer.



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