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You can access this section by clicking System Info,in the Home section.



How it works

The System info section shows software and hardware information which can be very useful especially if you're going to reinstall windows, if you need to diagnose a performance or hardware problem, or if you want to keep detailed information about the PC for future use. The information can be exported to a comprehensive html file.

The section consists of a list view control, four buttons and a check box. The list contains several groups, and each group contains information specific to one or several hardware devices or software products. To avoid cluttering the list with useless details, we try to display only information that can really be useful in a computer repair basis.

The Help button, at the top right of the window brings you to this page.

The information in the list can be exported to an html file, which can optionally have Google search links that help you to quickly Google some of the items. Useful, for instance to quickly find drivers for a hardware device, or information about a Windows update. If you want to disable the creation if these links, uncheck Use links in the html file.

To export the info to an html file, press the Export to html file button, or right click the list and press Export to html file. The html file will be created in your desktop folder and will be named System info.htm.

The list view control allows multi-selection. To select several items, hold the Ctrl key while pressing the desired items. To select all items in a group, just press the corresponding group header.

After selecting one or more items, you can copy their text to the clipboard by right-clicking the list and pressing Copy selected.

You can also Google the selected items by right-clicking the list and pressing Google selected

If you wish to change the PC's owner and organization names, press Edit owner info, enter the desired new owner and organization names, and press Save.

When you're done with this section, press the Home button to return to the Home section.


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