The pcs in m'y bedroom

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The pcs in m'y bedroom

Post by DeLeauCroisiere2 »

bonjour, c'est nous le réalisateur/acteur du film de l'eau croisière2/l'interrupteur 2,

quatre pc dans ma cage:
Acer win7 d255 dualboot android--->bug: bureau noir sans barre de taches ni icones, gestionnaire taches freeze, mode sans echec fonctionne impec
macbook--->malgré iobit macbooster et cleanmmymac x---> bug: message disque windows introuvable dans bootcamp malgré disque inséré, bug virtualbox windows (fatal comment imposrter iso windows dans virtualbox
alldocube win10/Android: ---> bug périphérique, tous mes adaptateurs usb femelle->micro usb male fonctionnent pas
pipo w2pro: on sait pas comment installer android dualboot + débugguer/desinfecter 1 à 1 micro sd sur windows du pipo w2pro

voici les liuens vers étapes, demande aide, tutos, rapports dont un des 4 en *.bora:


hello, we are the director/actor of water movie cruise2/the switch 2,

four pc in my cage:
Acer win7 d255 dualboot android ---> bug: black desktop without taskbar or icons, task manager freezes, safe mode works flawlessly
macbook--->despite iobit macbooster and cleanmmymac x---> bug: message windows disk not found in bootcamp despite installed disk, windows virtualbox bug (fatal how to imposrter iso windows in virtualbox
alldocube win10/Android: ---> peripheral bug, all my usb female->micro usb male adapters don't work
pipo w2pro: we don't know how to install android dualboot + debug/disinfect 1 to 1 micro sd on pipo w2pro windows

here are the links to steps, request help, tutorials, reports including one of the 4 in *.bora:

I try to setup Inpixio and adaware apps (vpn, pc cleaner, adaware protect, Inpixio, etc...) on win7 pc and I found invalid signature but the setup files/licences are corrects and no corrupted

The keepvid music tag editor bug on micro sd is error to correct info and tags on mp3, but this keepvid apps important for me, this bug persiste on all pc antivirus this card,
On my macbook osx I tried to reinstall this keepvid tag editor app but I have error to re-setup it

And thé uvk and uak logs
uak log.txt
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Re: The pcs in m'y bedroom

Post by Fred »

Hello and welcome to he UVK forums. I will assist you in this topic and try to fix your issues.

Macbook: We do not recommend the use of macbooster or cleanmmymac. Those applications usually cause more harm than good and are probably in the origin of some of your issues.
I recommend that you backup all your data to an external hard drive using Time Machine, perform a clean install of MacOS and then use the Migration assistant to restore only your documents and essential files from the backup. To avoid restoring the issues you are having now, I would not not restore settings, and it's better not to restore all applications from the backup. Let me know if you need help with that.

Acer win7 d255: I would try creating a new administrator user and after logging in to the new account, see if the issues persist. If they don't, then you just need to move all your data to the new user profile and then delete the old, damaged account. UVK's Quick User Manager module can help with that. Let me know if you need further help with that.

Let me know how that goes before we try something else.

Have a good evening.
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