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Donations in 2020 - Thanks everyone

Posted: Mon May 25, 2020 8:07 am
by Fred
This topic lists the donations we receive in the year of 2020. If for any reason a donor does not want to be listed here, please PM me, and I will remove it ASAP. Thanks again for the support.

Last updated: July 8 2020

Date dd/mmDonorAmount
08/07Athanasios Chaldoupis5,00 USD
04/07Carlos Gris10,00 USD
04/07Alongkorn Lamom1,00 USD
04/07William Miller20,00 USD
01/07Clifton Slater10,00 USD
21/06Jens Bahnsen20,00 USD
20/06Nicholas Roth10,00 USD
17/06Sharon Blanding20,00 USD
13/06Harry Broom15,00 USD
05/06Frances Thomson5,00 USD
04/06William Miller20,00 USD
02/06Seyed Abdolaziz Athari10,00 USD
01/06David Bartlett5,00 USD
25/05Lefty Tech50,00 USD
25/05Thomas Chew10,00 USD
23/05Robert Sheehy26,00 USD
20/05Chuck Jenkins2,00 USD
18/05Gregorio Arroyo Gonzalez40,00 USD
10/05Stephen Smith5,00 USD
04/05William Miller20,00 USD
01/05Steve Wilson10,00 USD
27/04Clifton Slater10,00 USD
26/04Manuel Abad-Gomez2,00 USD
21/04Eugene D Cohen10,00 USD
15/04IT technician1,00 USD
09/04Robert Traynor20,00 USD
04/04William Miller20,00 USD
20/03Marco Mastrangeli3,00 USD
20/03Dave Sandeman20,00 USD
04/03William Miller20,00 USD
27/02NetMimo20,00 USD
26/02Adi Weller Weiser5,00 USD
23/02Kenneth S. Wolf, DDS5,00 USD
23/02Henry Lausch15,00 USD
19/02Vittorio Lattanzi10,00 USD
12/02John Burak50,00 USD
03/02William Miller60,00 USD
25/01Alan Glassman5,00 USD
18/01Miguel Angel Sanz3,00 USD
16/01Dieter Schwab10,00 USD
04/01William Miller20,00 USD