%ThirdParty% variable

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%ThirdParty% variable

Post by SAMEtechAndy »

Hi Fred,
I am experiencing a repeat of an issue I had in March, which seemed to be fixed, where my custom %ThirdParty% variable (USB drive) is lost soon after start-up. It sometimes endures for the duration of my startup script, but sometimes not, resulting in my downloads not unzipping (but it says they were successful). If I then straight-away go into tools and tweaks it can open %installsourcedir% correctly, but it opens nothing when I call %Thirdparty%.
If I then run the script again, it creates a new %thirdparty% directory on the local drive and runs the script to there. I have checked this by calling the variable from tools and tweaks afterwards.
Can send you my script if helpful.
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Re: %ThirdParty% variable

Post by Fred »

Thanks for reporting this again, Andy.

I think I found the culprit now, it should be fixed in the next update, which I will release in a few days.

Thanks again.
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