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2019 donations - thanks everyone

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:53 pm
by Fred
This topic lists the donations we receive in the year of 2019. If for any reason a donor does not want to be listed here, please PM me, and I will remove it ASAP. Thanks again for the support.

Last updated: February 2 2020

Date dd/mmDonorAmount
23/12Carol Sylvester10,00 USD
17/12David O'Brien20,00 USD
16/12ames Georgeson25,00 USD
03/12William Miller20,00 USD
27/11Jean-Marie Demers5,00 USD
05/11Donald Repetowski20,00 USD
03/11William Miller20,00 USD
16/10Larry Winchel5,00 USD
11/10Lars Järned15,00 USD
08/10Vincent Bonaventura3,00 USD
04/10William Miller20,00 USD
28/09Nikolaus Eichler10,00 USD
04/09William Miller20,00 USD
03/08William Miller20,00 USD
07/07Robert Hoerter20,00 USD
07/07William Miller20,00 USD
03/06William Miller20,00 USD
07/05David Gallinger25,00 USD
03/05William Miller20,00 USD
07/04Claudio Testa1,00 USD
05/04eByte 25,00 USD
05/04William Miller20,00 USD
08/03Hans Munch-Holbek5,00 USD
04/03Neill Griffith5,00 USD
03/03William Miller20,00 USD
25/02Are Pedersen5,00 USD
25/02Altan Daniel Yavuzkurt1,00 USD
14/02Walker Computer Services LLC2,50 USD
03/02William Miller20,00 USD
28/01LesComm10,00 USD
14/01Walker Computer Services LLC2,50 USD
10/01Randee Skeen10,00 USD
08/01Mary Jo Lopez5,00 USD
05/01William Miller20,00 USD