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Post by tate-datwin »

hi all,

i'm tate-datwin, i'm 29 years old,

i have posted in disinfection section for ma tablet-pc since few seconds,

configurations on my three pcs:

pc 1:
Tablet samsung galaxy book
win 10 x64
antivirus/firewall: Ad-Aware by Avanquest (lavasoft) + comodo CIS
MacOSX UX/Transformation pack by thememypc.net/windowsxlive.net
X0.0 Iconpack & Noble Skinpack by Skinpacks.com
Cyberlink MediaSuite 17 (launched in 2019)
CyberLink MakeUPDirector 3 (launched in 2019)

pc 2:
desktop compaq pc
w8/8.1 (soon W10 redstone 6) x64
security suites: Ad-Aware Personnal/Total Security + Comodo firewall/cis complete
Cyberlink MediaSuite 17 & MakeupDirector 3 (launched both in 2019)
Restoro (rebrand of Reimage)
Emsisoft free antivirus (Emergency Kit)

PC 3:
portabilized "Windows to go" workspace on usb 64 GB disk (datatraveller pro)

pc 4:
raspberry PI plugged on my television

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