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Windows settings apply on another PC

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:20 pm
by Muhammad Tasneem
Hi Fred,

Again here to disturb you ;)

There is a PC comes with a textile machine (from Germany) but this is first times when they shipped it with windows 10. They have configure it with their requirements specially a standard user which they have tweaked for high performance (as they said), disabled many useless features and restricted the user for root access.

I need to copy these settings and apply on other PC so they also works smoothly or at-least I know which setting we need to configure manually.

The PC is attached with the production machine so I can't disconnect it for long time.
(May be I can take these backups in launch time)

I need your guidance which settings I should take either copy user profile or some registry backups or some group policies?

or I will send these setting/backup for your study....