New account and licensing system

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New account and licensing system

Post by Fred »

Hi everyone.

As some of you probably already noticed, our website now has a new user account system, and UVK also has a new license type.

The new user account system was created to simplify the process of purchasing products in our website and also recovering already purchased licenses. In order to create an account, follow this link. To login to your account, go to this page. And finally, go to your user control panel page, where you can download your licenses and invoices, and setup your invoicing information.

Setting up your invoicing info may come in handy if you plan to make purchases from our website in the future, so you don't have to manually enter the same data on each purchase.

Having an account in this forum does not automatically grant you a website user account. We want to keep things separated. Forum accounts are for chat and support, website user accounts are for product license purchases and recovery.

The new UVK license type is the Technician OEM license. You can purchase this license type only if you already own a PRO or Branding license. You will also need to have a website user account (as mentioned above) to purchase a Tech OEM license. This type of license only works for one computer, so it is perfectly safe to leave UVK installed and activated in the customer's computer.

Tech OEM licenses have many advantages over regular OEM licenses: They are cheaper (only $15), they allow the use of CloudSync, and also allow to brand the application, if you own a Branding license. There is a new check box, in the Options section that enables this feature. This option is exportable to UVKSettings.ini and cloudsync.

Tech OEM licenses are the heart of our partnership program, in which we help computer technicians generate more revenue by reselling the licenses to their customers for a higher fee, and computer techs help us generate more revenue by selling more licenses. Normally you'd resell the Tech OEM license for the price of a regular OEM license ($25 USD), but you can apply the fee you want.

In order to create a Tech OEM license, you just need to login to your account, then go to the OEM license purchase page, enter the hardware fingerprint of the machine the license is destined to, complete the payment, download the license and activate it. In normal conditions, the whole process should take one to five minutes.

The new UVK 10.9.6 also supports TRIAL licenses, which work like a PRO license for 14 whole days. TRIAL licenses can be obtained from this page.

Thanks for reading.
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