RMM Forgive Me

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RMM Forgive Me

Post by Charger440 »

I am really looking for a cheap RMM solution with the abilities UVK already has. I am really anxious to see development of this tool. There really is nothing in the market in this area. Everything is either over kill or mostly an RMM in name only.

I don't mean to take away from work you do behind the scenes as I'm sure you have a lot to keep up with but it seems the products are mostly stagnant right now. I am guilty of that myself as I am trying not brain storm new things for UVK because it will get in the way of the RMM app you are working on. Right now, the thing I want to see more than anything else is the RMM work. So, I have been holding off on UVK ideas.

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Re: RMM Forgive Me

Post by Xander »

I've been using Comodo One for the last couple of years. It's "just alright" but it's free and, since 90% of my clients are residentials, I don't need much. They've got what they call Procedures that can run scripts on schedules. It's got 3rd party updates but only a limited number of titles so I've been putting PatchMyPC on every PC and having it schedule itself.
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Re: RMM Forgive Me

Post by Fred »

Hey guys.

Jim, Right now I'm working on a licensing system for UAK, which will enable some locked features such as support for command line switches that fully automate the scan and removal operations, and also the creation of scheduled automated scans.

I need to do this ASAP because I need to fundraise the development project, since sales are dropping and planned UVK's yearly subscriptions were cancelled.

I also plan to create a partnership program for UVK, in which Technicians can purchase cheap OEM UVK licenses that they can sale to their customers for a higher price.

Once I get this done, I will resume the work on the RMM tool, and then it should take a few months for me to have something to show up.
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