SSD makes

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SSD makes

Post by Fred »

Hi everyone.

With all the HDD to SSD replacements we have now, I thought it was worth to ask: Which makes and models do we sell more?

I almost exclusively sell SanDisk. The most popular is the 240GB model, but I've also sold the 120GB, 480GB and 960GB models in the recent past.

I recall also selling Samsung EVO and other makes.
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Re: SSD makes

Post by Charger440 »

I typically sell either Sandisk or Samsung EVO.

I just replaced a dying Seagate drive with a Sandisk SSD and it almost doubled the perceived speed of the computer. It's amazing how fast they are.

PCIx M.2 drives are even faster.

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Re: SSD makes

Post by wmmiller »

I’ve only replaced a few and used Kingston’s. There’s no bond to Kingston except I was given four of them and they seems to work well so I just went with them. Although, the one in my Dell mini isn’t impressive but neither is the processor or the ram being maxed at 2GB. I only use that at the clinic so I don’t have to drag around a larger computer.
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