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Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 5:13 am
by Charger440
This is the array that PCRT uses to collect the PC info. Most of the fields do show info but they also have a lot of un-needed info as well.

Can you clean the info up some on these?

$valuestopull = array(
"model" => "Computer=",
"motherboard" => "Motherboard=",
"bios" => "Bios=",
"ram" => "Total physical memory=",
"operatingsystem" => "Operating system=",
"windowsproductkey" => "Windows product key=",
"serial" => "Serial and SNID/Service tag=",
"partition" => "Local Disk (C:)=",
"computername" => "PC Info=",
"cpu" => "PC owner info="

$valuestopull2 = array(
"cpu" => "[Processors]",
"networkinterfacecard" => "[Network adapters]",
"ipaddress" => "[Internet connection and external IP]",
"antivirus" => "[Security software and settings]",
"videocard" => "[Video adapters]"