2017 donations - Thanks everyone

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2017 donations - Thanks everyone

Post by Fred »

This topic lists the donations we receive in the year of 2017. If for some reason a donor does not want to be listed here, please say so, and I will remove it ASAP. Thanks again for the support.

Last updated: December 23 2017

Date dd/mmDonorAmount
23/12Frank arena1,00 USD
19/12Joel Ellis25,00 USD
14/12Walker Computer Services LLC2,50 USD
03/12William Miller20,00 USD
19/11Walker Computer Services LLC2,50 USD
10/11William Miller20,00 USD
25/10The Maven Group100,00 USD
14/10Walker Computer Services LLC2,50 USD
03/10William Miller20,00 USD
14/09Walker Computer Services LLC2,50 USD
04/09William Miller20,00 USD
14/08Walker Computer Services LLC2,50 USD
03/08William Miller20,00 USD
27/07Thomask10.00 USD
14/07Walker Computer Services LLC2,50 USD
04/07William Miller20,00 USD
14/06Dave Sandeman50,00 USD
09/06William Miller20,00 USD
04/06William Miller20,00 USD
03/06Walker Computer Services25,00 USD
03/06Thermal Systems Svcs10,00 USD
25/05Nicholas Roth5,00 USD
14/05Walker Computer Services LLC2,50 USD
12/05Pablo Usabarrena1,00 USD
11/05Dave Jones10,00 USD
09/05Richard S Post50,00 USD
04/05George J Park5,00 USD
04/05William Miller20,00 USD
01/05Eirik Nord10,00 USD
14/04Walker Computer Services LLC2,50 USD
03/04William Miller20,00 USD
31/03Lester C Wetherell II5,00 USD
18/03Juliana Mayer5,00 USD
16/03Shane Wilkinson5,00 USD
16/03Walker Computer Services LLC25,00 USD
14/03Walker Computer Services LLC2,50 USD
05/03Thomas Pawson5,00 USD
04/03William Miller20,00 USD
14/02Walker Computer Services LLC2,50 USD
04/02William Miller20,00 USD
18/01John Sutton10,00 USD
14/01Walker Computer Services LLC2,50 USD
06/01Sheila Cooksey5,00 USD
03/01Walker Computer Services LLC20,00 USD
03/01William Miller20,00 USD
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