How to use UVK's ZIP version

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How to use UVK's ZIP version

Post by Fred »

As you know UVK is also provided as a ZIP archive (also known as "compressed folder").

So, what are the advantages of using the ZIP package? Does is have the same functionality as the installed version? How exactly does it work? Does the ZIP package auto-update? This topic will answer those questions and give you a better insight of how to use the zipped UVK.

What are the advantages of using the ZIP package?

The main situation where the zipped version becomes in handy is remote support. Because it allows you to edit its contents, you can put your activation files inside the package, and add other useful stuff (scripts, settings, tools), and then transfer everything to the remote PC at once.

This may also be useful if you are an IT professional who uses pen drives to transfer UVK to your customers' machines. If you just and extract the ZIP file's contents with all your stuff to the machine you're working on, you don't need to leave the USB stick plugged in while you're working in this PC, you can move it to a different machine.

Does is have the same functionality as the installed version?

Even though there are several UVK packages, the files inside them are exactly the same. So, the functionality remains the same. But some things work in a different way.

For instance, because the zipped version does not create an uninstall entry, the features related to uninstalling the application are not available. Valid examples are the Configure Immunization shortcut, or the internet shortcut pointing to your website, which are created when the application is uninstalled.

How exactly does it work?

One important thing to mention is that UVK should not be installed in the computer you run the zipped version. They would conflict with each other, and probably not work correctly. So, before using the ZIP UVK package, check if UVK is installed in that machine, and uninstall it if it does. A good idea may be to create a small batch file that does that check for you and then launches the zipped version. This way you don't waste any clicks. Here's the code:

Code: Select all

@echo off
reg query "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\UVK - Ultra virus killer">nul
if not errorlevel 1 start /wait "" "%ProgramFiles%\UVK - Ultra Virus Killer\UVK_en64.exe" /Uninst /Quiet>nul
start "" "%~dp0UVK_en.exe"
Or just download the batch file:
(342 Bytes) Downloaded 499 times
Place the batch file inside your zip file so it is extracted with the remaining files. After extraction it must be placed in the root of the folder, in the same directory where UVK_en.exe is.

In order to use the ZIP UVK package, download it from our server, and then extract the ZIP's contents to a folder. To launch the application, open the extracted folder and launch UVK_en.exe. This is the file that should always be launched, regardless of the current Windows architecture, so you can just forget about all the remaining files in the folder.

Once you run UVK_en.exe, you will notice that a new folder named Third party was created. This folder is very important, as it can be accessed from the application as both %InstallSourceDir% and %ThirdParty%. So, place any extra files, scripts and settings you want to add to the ZIP archive inside that folder. Then you can easily access those files in any computer through the %InstallSourceDir% and %ThirdParty% environment variables (in both UVK scripts and UVKSR files).

Read more about UVK's custom environment variables.

To setup the application, work with it for a while. Visit all the sections, resizing the Window at your likes, and other available settings, such at the width of the columns in the lists, Once everything is working the way you want, go to the Options section, change the desired settings, and then press Save to file. Save your settings in the Third party folder so they can be automatically loaded in every machine you work on.

Now that everything is set, copy all files back to the ZIP package, and it is ready to use. You can create an SFX package containing all those files, if you prefer. Your settings will be automatically loaded in every machine you extract and run your UVK's ZIP package.

Does the ZIP package auto-update?

UVK's zipped version auto-updates the extracted files when a new version is available. However, for obvious reasons, it does not change the ZIP archive itself. Whenever the files are updated in the extracted folder, you just need to copy everything back to your ZIP package. If you host the UVK package in your own server, you obviously need to upload the updated zip file again.
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Re: How to use UVK's ZIP version

Post by Muhammad Tasneem »

This is the most awaited feature for me...!!!

Great Job.
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