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UAK Whitelist

Post by wrc559 »


What's the common' things people are putting in their UAK setup?

I am specifically talking White listing of common files found & is white-listing a permanent feature, or will it be a premium only feature?

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Re: UAK Whitelist

Post by Fred »

I don't plan to make the white listing a premium feature.
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Re: UAK Whitelist

Post by Xander »

I'm just whitelisting the few browser addons that I don't consider junk. Google Toolbar I leave because some people use it and, other than that, things related to the antivirus.
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Re: UAK Whitelist

Post by Charger440 »

WOT, Adblock Plus, Popup add-on for Adblock, Flag Fox, IETab2.

I don't whitelist ANY toolbars. In my opinion there is absolutely no use for a toolbar.

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