Import - Export setting

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Muhammad Tasneem
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Import - Export setting

Post by Muhammad Tasneem »

Previously I have used a utility which import and export all Windows settings to the new PC, but I don't remember the name.

I don't know, if this feature is already available in UVK or no,t but it is good if you make a small utility (and also integrated in UVK).

Below are some suggestions, which can be export and import.
  • Registry setting,
  • Group Policies,
  • Services (Enable/Disable),
  • security policy,
  • Power Management,
  • Browsers Settings (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Vivaldi, etc.)
  • Browsers Bookmarks
  • Customize Windows Settings Like themes, display sizes, Start Menu, Explorer settings, etc.
Additionally (or later) you can add different program settings (like different video Players or Program Associations)
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Re: Import - Export setting

Post by Fred »

Hi Muhammad.

Thank you for your excellent suggestion. I plan to add at least some of the features you mention to PC Data Back and UVK's Backup and recovery module.

It may take some time as I'm very busy at this point.

Take care
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Re: Import - Export setting

Post by Brink »

I know it has been a few months ago but, in the meantime before Fred gets UVK backup and recovery completed... I have always used Fab's Autobackup for this kind of operation and found it to be (mostly) sufficient.

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