Account Profile Fixer -- mostly worked...?

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Account Profile Fixer -- mostly worked...?

Post by Xander »

Laptop with a flawed hard drive which I'll replace tomorrow. While it's still booting (but sooo slow), thought I'd try to fix the software-level stuff I see so that the cloning will copy a better version of Windows.
Start Menu is glitched with the "critical error - sign out and we'll fix it" bug and, if reinstalling all apps doesn't fix it (it didn't), next thing to try is a new profile. That worked fine so I decided to run APF. It ran without any apparent trouble but, when it got back to the Desktop, I noticed a couple of her documents weren't there anymore.

Is there anywhere that APF would put things that didn't copy over? I assumed it moved everything but it definitely doesn't. Client is colleged-age and, while I didn't look in her Docs to see if anything was there before, nothing at all is there now. I optimistically checked the Recycle Bin but..nope.

Of course, now I'm kicking myself for not copying off her libraries as a precaution but, if nothing else, is this a chance to suggest that APF only *copies* the libraries over until some kind of confirmation is given that everything looks fine and -then- it deletes the old profile?

Edit: False Alarm -- realized it was Win10 and, as it likes to do, it had pushed her into using OneDrive. Checked there and voila, its Desktop folder has the stuff I'd seen before. Whew.

Still. Cause for the idea -- can APF check if OneDrive folders are present and, if so, initiate a login to connect it to the Libraries?
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Re: Account Profile Fixer -- mostly worked...?

Post by Fred »

Hey Xander.

Thanks for bringing this up. I'll see if can come up with something.

Take care.
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