KB4551762 also breaking user profile

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KB4551762 also breaking user profile

Post by Fred »

OK, so now is KB4551762. Same symptoms as KB4532693. After installing the update and rebooting, you are logged in to a temporary profile. All the user data is still in the hard drive, we only need to uninstall and hide the update so it will not be installed again, and everything will be back as it was.

You can uninstall and hide this update using WAU Manager. UVK is not able to detect and fix this issue automatically yet. I'm starting to think this is only going to end when all Windows users have switched over to MACOS or Linux.

In order to uninstall and hide this update, proceed as follows:

Launch WAU manager. Do not use the desktop shortcut, as it may be configured to start searching for updates automatically.
Click on the "three bar" menu button at the top right corner and select Uninstall updates.
From the list in the left panel, select the update with KB4551762 to hilight it (do not tick the checkbox).
Click on Hide selected and confirm. When the uninstall is complete, close the progress dialog box.
The reboot reminder will show up. Click Reboot now. All should be fixed after reboot.

I will update UVK to automatically detect and fix this issue. I should release an update by tomorrow.
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