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Autoload SR file

Post by Fred »

Hello everyone.

I've been asked if I could share some of the scripts I use in my repairs. So I decided to share them all. I will start with my autoload script.

I only autoload a UVKSR file, but the same could be achieved with a UVK script. I just like UVKSR files better. This script is not intended for repair. It is intended to prevent irrecoverable issues (create a resotore point, backup the desktop icons layout and the registry), quickly detect adware and malware (runs UAK), perform some basic cleanup operations, uninstall some useless programs (launch the Smart Uninstaller) and reboot (important!).

In many jobs this is all I need to do. If the machine has other issues, I run specific scripts, depending on the related problems. I allow this script to auto-load in passive mode once per day in my customers machines, and once per week in my machines.

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