Jim Walker

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Jim Walker

Post by Charger440 »

I really like what I see here. I have been looking in the forums for a while and seeing what people have to say. I am really impressed with Fred's interaction with people. I run a computer business in MO. and have been using a tool from Nick. There was a new version of it and I did not think it was worth it so I asked him why he thought it was worth so much more than the original when it was essentially the same save for he made some improvements that should have been done already. In response he told me I was too ignorant to understand why he priced it that way. Well, I decided I would give him a shot and see if it really was improved. It turned out it was not so I asked for my money back. He gave me my money back then called me a few four letters words and told me never to try to buy from him again, my money was not welcome in his pocket. I have also seen one of his customers ask him if he would could add a feature. The response was, essentially, why would you want that? Can you not open your eyes and look? On the contrary I have seen several people ask Fred for help and Fred gladly offers it up. My decision to purchase this software and join the crowd was largely based on Fred's willingness to help his customers. I think the software looks very good and am still learning how to tweak it. I think it will work out nicely for me. If you are wondering about the above story it is a recap of how I came to be here.

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Re: Jim Walker

Post by Fred »

Hello Jim, welcome.

Thanks for the kind words.

As you already said, I'm here to help, so feel free to post whenever you have issues using UVK.
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