Pinchos Shemano!!! New here, so be Gentle!

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Pinchos Shemano!!! New here, so be Gentle!

Post by pintasme »

I've joined up to hopefully learn a few things from you guys and gain some advice.

Looks like fun times ahead!

I enjoy films, reading, music etc. I also have a fetish for cold water. I love a glass of Ice cold water in the morning. I have recently watched and enjoyed the following films: Citizen Shane, Salesman, Titticut Follies, Italianamerican, Harlam County, and Rushmore.

I am trying to ingratiate myself, so that my forthcoming barrage of "newbie" questions will be tolerated more graciously.

Pinchos Shemano

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Re: Pinchos Shemano!!! New here, so be Gentle!

Post by Fred »

Hi Pinchos, Welcome.

So, how did you find this forum?
The only thing we humans have in common is that we are all different. So, if you think you're weird because you're different from everyone else, then we are all weird.


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