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Hi All

Post by Arthur_ASCII »

As the subject says, Hi fellow geeks.
It's taken me a while to wash up on the sunny shores of the Tech Tool Store. I've sailed through the waters of GEgeek Toolkit and a gazillion other collections of useful utilities, only to find the interfaces that bind the individual tools together and "manage them" are flawed (sometimes dangerously). So. Here I am.
I have one early request (and please tell me if it's a feature I've missed - I'm a newbie to the software after all). Would it be possible to include in the description of each tool, an indication of whether they are permanent installables, or whether they merely install and run as temporary files? I'd hate to accidently start an install process and have to run around cleaning up after myself !

I suppose I should say a little about myself. I started in the world of computing around 1981, to I was surfing the internet way before the invention of the hyperlink (anyone remember Kermit?). I'm currently a volunteer at my local library, providing computer coaching and problem-solving sessions across all ptatforms and devices (great fun) and I also volunteer for an organization that helps vision impaired people to make the most of computer tech - very rewarding. Oh. And I also give talks to young people and parents on the dangers and benefits of the internet and social networking.

Looking forward to contributing.

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Re: Hi All

Post by Fred »

Hi Arthur, welcome.

The suggestion to tell whether the tools are installable or portable is nice. I will add that to the next update.
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Re: Hi All

Post by Arthur_ASCII »

You Sir, bring a new definition to the word "responsive". Thank you for listening. For my part, I'll shout about Tech Tool Store from the rooftops!
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Re: Hi All

Post by wmmiller »

Hi Arthur,

Welcome to the forums. :)

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Re: Hi All

Post by Charger440 »


First off, Hi and welcome.

Other tools claim they are for the user and about the user. Fred's tools, especially UVK are the brain child's of his customers. There are many of us that see things "we" have added to his tools every time we use them. Fred, more than anyone I have ever seen, listens to his people. For that I am very grateful.

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Re: Hi All

Post by Chester170 »

Hi Arthur!
I'm Bruno Santos (sun of Alfredo Silva (Fred)).
I see that adding to the description if the tool is installable or not (on TTS) is a good ideia.
I'm hepling on the development of the tools of my dad.
I'm currently seeing wich are the installable ones ( although I know almost all of them by memory :) ) and by the same process i check if TTS has some bugs.
Thanks for the tip, and welcome to the forum! :)
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